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June 18, 2024

Our Villages

There are many villages distributed all over the council of Coaña. Small and bigger villages welcome the visitor and invite him to get the most out of each one.

On the high area of the council we can visit the villages of Trelles, Villacondide and Coaña, from there we can enjoy the beautiful views, almost taste the landscapes and get to know the great variety of flora and fauna living in these spots.

Other little and endearing villages like Orbaelle, Nadou, Abredo or Meiro (famous for the meanders of the river Meiro) make the visit to these surroundings especially appealing.

On the low part of the council
, the villages of El Espin, Jarrio, Cartavio, Loza, Medal and Ortiguera have extraordinary views over the Cantabrian Sea.

From El Espin, we can behold the estuary of the river Navia, in Jarrio The Way of Saint James goes past and also a broad panorama over the Cantabrian Sea can be enjoyed from the viewpoint of Pico de Jarrio (Jarrio’s Peak).

A lovely walk along the stretch of the Coastal Walk (Senda Costera) between Ortiguera and Viavélez, going through the villages of Ortiguera, Medal, Loza and Cartavio, will show us the wonderful beaches and impressive cliffs spread along the coast of Coaña.

During the summer, the beaches of Torbas (in Loza), Arnelles (in Ortiguera) and Foxos (in Foxos) have a lifeguard service.

You will find more information about them in the section "Beaches" of this web site.

In the village of Ortiguera, we can walk through its narrow streets and motley neighbourhoods, its harbour and the magnificent San Agustin Cape.

Every village offers the visitor a religious, architectural and popular heritage which makes them unique and distinctive. They are waiting, enjoy them!

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